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Meet Myles-Patrick Sears

Youth Leader/ Youth Board  Member of Create Smiles Inc.

Myles- Patrick, is an outstanding, dedicated, hard-working, and kind-hearted 12 year old  young entrepreneur.  Born in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia, and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. He attends homeschooling through Acellus all-year-round programs but soon to be Proud Spartan of Desmet Jesuit of Ladue, Missouri.

He diligently works and volunteers to lead other inner-city youth and peers to always excel nd push with tenacity to reach his goal of smiles that he helps create across the USA.


2024 Entrepreneurial Goal

Fall 2024

Smiling Suds

Local Laundromat with lowest washer machine prices and FREE DRYERS


Winter 2024

YFM (Young Focused Minds)

Real Estate Development and Investment Company


Andrew Mason

Andrew Mason is the spearhead Youth and Executive Field Director of Create Smiles and also the owner of WeWork MoveMeant LLC  and Create Smiles Cleaner. 


He is a St. Louis, Missouri native, and a hard-working, father of 7 and grandfather of 4 princesses. Not only does he pride himself on not allowing his past mistakes to stop him, his children, grandchildren, and other youth by teaching, training, and motivating them through entrepreneurship.


His goals are to change the images of D2D representatives and create generational wealth for many across regions.


Dana Sears

This 39-year-old, female philanthropist at heart and entrepreneur. She is a dedicated parent and grandmother.

As a New Orleans native, Army Vet, and Hurricane Katrina survivor, her mission is simple to change and redirect lives just as the military, and setbacks have for her.

Her drive as CFO, Direct Marketing Ambassador of Create Smiles, and  Owner of her up-and-coming Sweet Treats company Nothing But Pies, don't stop there!

Her goal is EASY to Change The World!!

Human Resource Director 

Bio Coming Soon

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