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Changing Lives One Smile At A Time

So many families, since before the pandemic, have struggled to survive paycheck to paycheck, home to home, and career to career. Those who’ve been hit even harder the past two years have told us that a return to some kind of pre-pandemic “sort of normal” is not going to be enough. Systemic inequalities and barriers predate COVID-19, and they will continue to prevent children and communities from thriving.


Our goal every month is to create smiles for 664 plus children and community members that are in definite need of aid and smiles.


How do we do this?


Thought you never would ask...

Through the J.U.I.C.E Program and WeCare Packages of course!


Please feel free to click the informative tabs above for more information.

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One         Smile.....

lasts a lifetime.

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Here at Create Smiles our GOALS are more than aiding the homeless in need. 


Our hard work and efforts go further and beyond.

Instilling business leadership, success, professional attire and etiquette to youth and young adults that want to change, do better, and pay it forward to those less fortunate than themselves. 


By creating smiles on many lives that are in need of a smile no matter the age, demographics or even USA locations, we thrive to touch faces and hearts everywhere!



Rendering aid to homeless youth and adults that are in dire need of a smile and break. Create Smiles are there to care!

Financial Literacy

Credit scores, banking, and generational wealth is a high priority in all of the skills that are implemented in everything we do here.

The majority of inner city community members have little to none knowledge of financial literacy.




With the extreme high unemployment rate and lack of employment education and success in low crime areas, our goal is to reduce the numbers and excel them in greater areas.


Pushing education to the max, no matter what level you are on or pass. Teaching, training , and motivating every volunteer, intern and , any inner-city community member in need to excel and thrive educationally.

A breath of fresh air when this young entrepreneur and father knocked on my door to speak and let me know of all the good work the organization is doing in my local inner-city communities. Can't wait to see the future progression and changes this young man, volunteers, and future leaders will continue to do!

Judy Gamman - Host of Wake Up America

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